Voice Control for Programs on new Google TV

News about Google TV: Greg Funk and Eric Liu, Product Managers at Google, announced updates to Android Youtube app, enabling better and smoother delivery of Youtube programming to your tv screen! With the updated app, you’ll be able to sync the phone or mobile device to the tv, via the app, and watch the youtube video playing on your device on the tv screen. LG will be the first to offer devices with the capability to sync to tv.

The video shows Google’s voice-activated search for a program or channel – neat!

Ref: Google TV: Now faster and easier

14. November 2012 by Louise
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xbox 360 Responsive Feature

Translation of the comments for this video:

The subscription is paid?
The subscription is not paid, of course.
We are paying the live subscription lol
Pay for something we press the button on his remote control …
I will move the Playstation is decided, it disgusts me.
Before you say it, you learn. It is not profitable for Microsoft, but for M6 yes …
So you have to pay 8 euros per month, plus the Gold subscription?
And the content shows on free TV, and probably available on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet for free?
(I’ve also read the M6 pass limitations, such amount of content has a limited number of hours per month, or limit the number of episode to the series limited to 6-7 last rested and not entire seasons – a joke)
Subscription to pass M6: 8 € / month.
Not even the ability to watch free M6, n whereas pressing button 6 of my remote I get the same thing.

Looks like in France, there is a fee associated with the content xbox can access, and people are none too happy about it . . . :)

Ref: xboxfr

23. September 2012 by Louise
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Microsoft’s Announcement June 18th, 2012

Re the hotly anticipated Microsoft announcement, mainstream media is predicting a tablet release, but I say, there will be an announcement of the introduction of Next Gen TV. Next Gen TV will supply Linear tv via an app, apps, web content, and “hero” content. Camera sensors will allow xbox-style interactions with the tv screen via gesture, voice, and touch! Experiences across tv, phone, and pc will be synchronized! It’s 4PM, and I’m listening to CNET’s live coverage of Microsoft’s mystery event, which hasn’t started, yet. Here is the link: http://live.cnet.com/Event/Microsofts_mystery_event_in_Los_Angeles
Announcers are still speculating about, iPad killers, Kindle Fire killers, etc.

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Leap Motion is Like Conducting a Symphony

Leap Motion CTO Stephen waves his arms and gestures with his fingers to manipulate the images on a screen like a maestro conducting a symphony! Leap could be said to be the more refined version of Kinect gesture-controll technology, to within a 100th of a millimeter accuracy, including pinch-and-zoom! Leap Motion claims to be, “200 times more sensitive than anything else on the market.” That could beget great things for responsive tv and the direction of multi screen tech within the home and in the boardroom!

Ref: Leap Motion: 3D hands-free motion control, unbound
by Daniel Terdiman, CNET

18. June 2012 by Louise
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iJustine Explains Samsung Smart TV

The iJustine, or Justine Ezarik, is fairly well-spoken and sounds genuinely enthusiastic in this commercial shot for Samsung Smart TV, which employes Facial Recognition, Motion Control, and Voice Control. Look out, Apple TV!
The other day, I sat down with a bowl of popcorn to watch a show. I went to grab the remote, but I didn’t want to get butter on it, so instead, I just used my hands to select tv plus. It was SO EASY! It also has a smart touch remote control with built-in microphone. The other day while I was watching the game, I decided to check out some highlights. “Web browser!” “Sports highlights!” I can also control the tv by using a smart new app on the Samsung phone AND Galaxy tab. It’s the perfect way to use Samsung signature services, like my personal favorite, Family Story. I’m on the road ALL THE TIME, and Family Story is how I share my photos with my family. There’s even a Family Story mobile app, which lets me send photos straight from my phone TO my TV!!! Like the pictures I took during my trip to Hawaii. Want to see?

13. June 2012 by Louise
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Look! Don’t Touch! Smart TV

Hello World! Many of you – more than 10 million – have already watched the short film, Seductive Motion.
This is going be a classic commercial! I like the characters in it: karate guy chops and tosses competition over the railing of the stairs; the “Old Spice” guy is there – cute!
Update: April 24th, 2013: Samsung has pulled this video from Youtube. It no longer exists.

13. June 2012 by Louise
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